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Learn about how we empower women through self-love and expression.

We Source From Manufacturers Of These Brands

Dolls Kill - SALA
Victoria's Secret - SALA
Gucci - SALA
Nike - SALA
Chanel - SALA
adidas - SALA

How Do We Source High Quality Premium Clothes And Offer Them At An Affordable Price?

We Use Data From The United States Immigration & Customs Shipping Declaration Reports To Find Out Where Premium & Luxury Brands Are Manufactuering Their Clothes. SALA then researches the manufactuer to ensure they meet our standards. If the prequalification passes, our team reaches out to the manufactuer and inquires about patent designs to ensure no clothes have intellectual property by these manufacturers. In most cases the manufactures can offer the same or similar clothes without the branding of the luxury or premium clothing retailer. Most premium retailers price gouge their customers because their brand is well know and their consumers do not know the truth behind the cheap cost of the products. Because of this people end of paying the premium on the clothes. At SALA Fashion we do things differently, by offering the same high quality preium clothes but at a fraction of the price. Allowing women to feel beautiful no matter what. We want to give women the opportunity to love themselves through self expression. Self expression shouldn’t be a fine or premium, but affordable and accessible for everyone. Our mission is to ensure you have all the tools you need to express yourself. See how you can express yourself today!

Who We Are

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Be comfortable in yourself, no matter who you are. Spiritually Awakened is all about giving women all the tools to love themselves. We want to give all women one of the many tools to self-love. Our tool to self-love is giving women the inexpensive opportunity to feel comfortable in their own skin through self-expression.

Self-expression should not be a financial fine, but a freedom. We believe that freedom of self-expression should be inexpensive for every woman. Thus, we want to empower women by offering inexpensive tools to the journey of self-love and help craft comfortability in self-expression. Today, fashion brands have greed when selling to consumers, and often take advantage of women financially with up charging for products. Our core values are providing the opportunity for every woman to feel beautiful no matter what their financial position is.

Our start was crafted out through the hardship and journey of self-love. Our founder Kathryn went through this journey of finding confidence and self-love through expression. Kathryn went through the hardships of transformation in order to come out in a place of self-love. 

"When you water the weeds in your garden, only weeds can grow. When you water the flowers in your garden, only flowers can grow. Only water the flowers in your garden and naturally your garden will be full of beauty."

Kathryn realized that self-love can be defined through this simple quote. We want to give women water for their flowers, so that their garden may flourish. We want to pull the weeds of self doubt and enable individual growth. Kathryn started this brand to create long-term sustainability, women empowerment, self-love, creativity, expression, confidence and value in beauty and fashion. 

Our company is designed to conduct itself in a similar structure as a non-profit. All our products are designed to be inexpensive and inspire change to add value to women through self-love and expression. We offer gifts on all purchases to positively impact women. We donate 5% of proceeds to women's non-profit organizations that support victims of domestic violence. We operate to give women tools that give them confidence and self-love to make a better world for women. From our company to you, welcome to the journey of self-love and spiritual awakening. 

With Peace and Love,

Kathryn Chan

Founder & CEO 
Spiritually Awakened Los Angeles